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Monthly Archives: May 2020


Children More Likely to Be Bitten by a Familiar Dog at Home, Study Finds

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

A new study showed that children are twice as likely as adults to be bitten in the eye area. The study, published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, warned against children being at the eye level with a dog, even if it is a familiar dog at home or under adult supervision…. Read More »

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6 Things to Consider After a Car Accident During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

Car crashes continue to happen in Rhode Island and all across the nation despite stay-at-home orders. Even though reports say that traffic volume decreased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, the risk of getting into a vehicle crash still persists when people are driving to or from grocery stores or performing other essential activities. Dealing… Read More »

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Rhode Island Courier Carrying COVID-19 Samples Crashed, Prompting Hazmat Response

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

After hearing the news about a car crash involving a courier carrying COVID-19 test samples, Rhode Island residents were concerned that the samples spilled on the roadway. The crash occurred on Interstate 95 in Seekonk and involved a 49-year-old Rhode Island woman who was delivering coronavirus samples to a lab for testing, according to… Read More »

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COVID-19: Can You Delay or Stop Medical Treatment for Personal Injury During the Pandemic?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

The COVID-19 pandemic has a drastic impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. But if you are unfortunate enough to get injured in a car crash or another accident during the pandemic, things might get a lot more stressful and confusing. As hospitals across Rhode Island are overwhelmed by coronavirus patients, many Rhode… Read More »

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