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Monthly Archives: April 2022


Sprains, Strains And Whiplash: What Are They?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

When people are injured in accidents, we often ask if they have any broken bones. If the answer is no, we then assume that the victim is likely not injured, or not seriously injured. But these are false assumptions, because our ligaments can also be damaged, and can cause serious pain and disability. What… Read More »

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Why Do Personal Injury Cases Take Time To Resolve?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

You hear many stories about some personal injury cases that take years before the victim gets a settlement or wins a jury verdict. These stories of cases taking a year or more are likely true–but why? Remember that not every case takes a long time to resolve. Some cases will resolve relatively quickly. But… Read More »

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What Is Negligent Security?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

If you are attacked in a parking lot, in a movie theater, in a bar, or on anybody else’s property, you probably know that the attacker is responsible. But is the property where the crime was committed against you responsible? You can hold business and property owners responsible for injuries that you sustain on… Read More »

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Should You Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Settle Your Case?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

If you settle your personal injury case, the Defendant will want you to sign a settlement agreement. Your attorney will review the agreement with you, and discuss its terms, but one thing that’s nearly universal in settlement agreements, is a confidentiality agreement. Should you sign a settlement agreement that has a confidentiality agreement? Types… Read More »

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