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Monthly Archives: December 2022


What Happens When Evidence In A Case Is Lost Or Destroyed?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

In every injury case, both sides have information about the case that the other side doesn’t have. Of course, some of that information (which is all potential evidence in the case) may be good for that side, and some of it may be bad. So what’s to stop a side from destroying or “accidentally… Read More »

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Foreign Objects In Food Can Be Gross, And Dangerous

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

When you order or purchase food, you expect that all that will be in your food, is the food you ordered or bought. But it often happens that there are foreign objects in your food, or products in your food that shouldn’t be there. When that happens, you can be injured, sometimes quite seriously…. Read More »

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The Jacuzzi Can Be More Dangerous Than It Looks

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

It often seems like activities that seem the safest, can also be kind of dangerous. Add a dip in the hot tub to the list. But really, it should come as no surprise that being in potentially scalding hot water, and sharing that water with others, could have its fair share of potential dangers…. Read More »

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Recognizing PTSD And Its Symptoms After Your Accident

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

We tend to think of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as an ailment that affects people who have been at war, or through a horrific calamity. But even a car accident can cause people to suffer from PTSD. The effects of PTSD can be debilitating, and yes, you can recover compensation for the way… Read More »

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