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RI Reckness Driving Defense Attorney

An arrest for reckless driving in Rhode Island is a serious matter.  Prosecutors throughout the state take this crime very seriously as they consider it a crime that puts the public in danger.  This is not a charge that you’d want to defend yourself and you should contact an experienced RI criminal defense attorney immediately.  A conviction for reckless driving can result in imprisonment for up to one (1) year and a mandatory license suspension.  Additionally, a reckless driving conviction can remain on your criminal record for up to five years!

Rhode Island’s reckless driving law prohibits operating a vehicle so recklessly that the safety of the public is endangered.  This includes conduct such as fleeing an officer or drag racing.

The attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates regularly defend reckless driving charges throughout the State of Rhode Island.  We are often successful in getting reckless driving charges dismissed or at least minimizing the penalties as low as possible. Our goal is to avoid any license suspension and eliminate the reckless driving charge from your record entirely!  We can successfully defend your case and will expunge the charge from your record for you!  Call our North Kingstown attorneys today for a free consultation on your reckless driving case!

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