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Monthly Archives: February 2022


What Is A Products Liability Lawsuit, And When Is A Manufacturer Liable For Injuries?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

When you turn on the news, you often hear about product recalls, or class action lawsuits against makers of dangerous products. But what is a defective product? When can someone sue for being injured by a defective product? Defective Products As a general rule, anytime a product acts differently than it should, and causes… Read More »

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Would You Know When Someone Is Drowning? You May Not

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

Although it’s cold outside, summer is right around the corner. And summer will mean pool weather. Most of us think we know a lot about pool safety. But how much do you really know about drowning? Classic Signs? Maybe Not Do you think you could spot someone who was drowning? You’d probably look for… Read More »

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What Happens In A Personal Injury Mediation?

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

There is a perception that whenever you file a personal injury case, that your case will eventually go to trial. But in truth, few cases do go all the way to trial—they will settle before trial. One way that they will settle is through a process called mediation. Many personal injury cases will have… Read More »

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Things To Do – And Not Do – After A Car Accident

By Robert E. Craven & Associates |

It happens to almost all of us, at some point: We are in a car accident. Despite all the advice available about what to do after a car accident, in the rush of the moment, your mind may be racing, and you may not know immediately what you should and should not do. Here… Read More »

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