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Who’s At Fault In A Tire Blowout Accident In Rhode Island?


Tire blowouts are not an uncommon occurrence on our roads. When a tire has blown, your vehicle will spin out of control, which may lead to a car accident. A driver, especially a young and inexperienced one, may be unable to control the vehicle when a tire blows out.

However, the question of liability may become complicated because the fault is not immediately clear in a tire blowout accident. Contrary to popular belief, the driver of the vehicle with a blown-out tire is not necessarily at fault for the accident. In some cases, other parties may be held responsible for causing the crash.

If you have been involved in a tire blowout accident, contact a skilled Rhode Island car accident attorney to establish fault in your particular case.

Causes of Tire Blowout Accidents

While a tire blowout accident can be caused by a multitude of factors, common causes of these accidents include:

  1. Small punctures. Rocks and nails on the road can cause small punctures in the tires. When this happens, a tire is likely to blow out and cause an accident.
  2. Tire damage. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to notice everything on the road, which is why your vehicle may run over something that may damage the tires.
  3. Worn out tires. Tires tend to wear down over time. When tires become worn out, a tire blowout accident is likely to happen.
  4. Overloaded vehicle. Tires are more likely to blow out when a vehicle is carrying more weight than it can handle. That is why many tire blowout accidents involve trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles.
  5. Potholes. Speeding over a pothole can cause serious damage to the tires. The tire expanding and contracting rapidly when driving over a pothole may cause a tire blowout.

Regardless of what caused a tire blowout accident, you need to speak with an attorney to determine liability in your particular case.

Who is Responsible for Your Tire Blowout Accident?

A driver whose tire blew out is not always the one at fault for causing a tire blowout accident. When investigating your case, an attorney will determine whether any of these factors contributed to your accident:

  • Negligent automobile repair or maintenance. Many tire blowout accidents occur as a result of negligence on the part of auto mechanics who improperly install and overinflate/underinflate the tires. When this happens, the negligent auto mechanic and/or auto repair shop may be held responsible for the accident.
  • Poor road conditions. When potholes or debris on the road are the result of negligent road maintenance, the city, municipality, or state may be at fault for resulting accidents.
  • Fallen objects from other vehicles. Sometimes, tire blowout accidents are caused by objects that fall from other vehicles and damaging the tires. When this happens, drivers who fail to properly secure cargo on their vehicles can be held responsible for resulting crashes.

An experienced attorney will investigate your tire blowout accident to determine what caused the tire to blow out and determine whose negligence led to the crash. Contact our lawyers at Robert E. Craven & Associates to determine fault in your particular case. Call 401-453-2700.

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